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Themed Trips

Ancient sites, Byzantine monasteries and impressive Christian paths
you will encounter on the following tours:

Antike und Byzanz

Ancient world and Byzantium

(Athens - Ancient Corinth - Mycenae - Epidaurus - Mistras - Olympia - Delphi)
Experience a cultural journey into the past.
Auf den Spuren des Apostel Paulus

In the trucks of Apostle Paul

(Thessaloniki - Philippi - Vergina - Veria - Meteora - Delphi - Athens - Ancient Corinth).
Visit the places of activity of Apostle Paul and the sites of ancient Greece.
Alexander der Große

Alexander the Great

(Thessaloniki - Pella - Vergina - Philippi-Amphipolis - Dion)
Alexander the Great, the former Macedonian Empire and the Byzantine heritage.
Dionysos Weinreben

Dionysus Wines

(Northern Greece - Thessaloniki - Attica - Peloponnese - Crete)
A journey through the wine-growing regions of Greece with their autochthonous grape varieties.
Die Reisen des Pausanias

The journeys of Pausanias

(Peloponnese - Attica - Thebes - Lokris)
In the footsteps of the ancient travel writer.
Orthodoxie und das griechische Osterfest

Orthodoxy and the Greek Easter

(Peloponnese - Corfu)
Experience the Greek Easter customs.