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The capital, with its fascinating mythical past, was the center of knowledge and philosophy, of art and culture in ancient times.
Unique architectural monuments such as the Acropolis with the Parthenon Temple, the Theatre of Dionysus and the Amphitheatre are just as interesting heirs as the Areopag Rock, which was the seat of the supreme court in ancient times.
Those who want to enjoy traditional delicacies should have lunch at the foot of the Acropolis.
Numerous taverns in the old town of Plaka also invite you to a typical Greek folklore evening and a visit to a winery finally completes the culinary impression of Greece.
To the south, merged with Athens, lies the old port city of Piraeus with its many typical fish taverns.
The bustling arrivals and departures of ferries and private sailing ships present a beautiful spectacle.
If you take this as an opportunity to go on a day trip by boat, you can visit the island of Aegina or take a 3-island cruise.
An unforgettable sunset can be experienced at Cape Sounion with its famous temple of Poseidon.
Immerse yourself in the vital city.


The second largest city next to Athens is Thessaloniki, the avant-garde heart of Greece. Here, different cultures merge into each other and come to a multicultural symbiosis. Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman traces are scattered throughout the city. The different eras are reflected, among other things, in the two large churches Agios Dimitrios and Agia Sofia and the Arch of Galerius. The Rotunda is on Unesco’s World Heritage List. The white tower is the city’s landmark.
Historic eateries and ouzeries are at home in Thessaloniki.
Greek refugees from Asia Minor brought around the previous turn of the century meze plates - small culinary plates that people put in the middle and share.
Anyone visiting this city should also try the puff pastry dessert bougaza. Around Thessaloniki there are a variety of hidden gems that can be visited as a day tour. The Halkidiki peninsula enchants with its pristine sandy beaches and blue crystal waters. You can be amazed during a boat trip to the monk republic of Athos. The monasteries have been enthroned majestically high above the sea for thousands of years. To the west of Thessaloniki is Vergina, the most famous archaeological find in northern Greece.
Welcome to one of the liveliest cities in Greece.