About us

Welcome to Giannoulis Travel

As an Incoming Tourism specialist for 20 years in Greece, Giannoulis Travel has been providing complete travel planning for businesses and customers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Belgium, with expertise and personalized customer service.

Customers especially honour our competence and assistance in booking travel arrangements for different groups of all sizes and variety of reasons, including round trips, study tours, hiking tours and church group tours.

You can count on us, whether you are booking group travel for students, choirs, meetings, reunions, company incentives, a cruise or simply leisure or other special events. We are here to provide you with a seemly, cost-effective and reliable way to manage all your travel needs.

We offer high quality and performance that meets our personal high standards.

Due to long lasting cooperations with high quality hotels, Giannoulis Travel guarantees you to customize the perfect itinerary to suit your budget and plans, all at the best prices available.

It is our task to introduce the Greek culture, history and the beautiful countryside to our customers, since hospitality is our duty. In order to offer you an unrivalled experience of the authentic Greek sightseeing culture and nutrition, we organize hiking trips through orange and lemon tree groves or visits to vineyards and olive oil presses. Experience Greece with all your senses. 

Giannoulis Travel creates tailored programs based on your needs. We organize selected flexible group trips, accommodating travellers΄specific needs and requirements. Our package trips include ferry reservations from and to Italy with Superfast Ferries, Minoan Lines and Anek Lines.

Air travellers will be offered modern climatized bus tours combined with excellent
bilingual travel guides who individually accommodate the travellers’ wishes.

Giannoulis Travel aims to offer you the most unforgettable travel experience in Greece. Take advantage of our exclusive offers and friendly German/English speaking travel agents.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Birgit Braun & Anastasios Giannoulis